About Us

We, THARAVATTIL Farm Resort & Tourism, are developing sustainable eco-friendly businesses, in different stages, in a 10 acres land situated in Mattannur Municipality, Kannur District, Kerala. The land is located within 12 km from the Kannur International Airport. The east side of the land is abutting to river tributary water from Pazhassi Dam.

The land is ideal for Dairy Farm, Organic and/or Hydroponic Farm, Resorts and Food Processing Plant.

At the first stage, we would like to commercialise, in a Corporate Model, Organic and/or Hydroponic Farming, Dairy Farming alongwith Processing Plant to process, pack and supply fresh milk & milk products and fresh vegetables to the customers.

The Hydroponic fodder would be used as one of the captive raw materials as cow fodder of Dairy Farm, in addition to supply the Hydroponic fodder to the local farmers, who are also in dairy farm business but can’t afford to establish Hydroponic Plant.

At the second stage, we would like to commercialise/expand the Packaged Premium Masala & Spices to supply to the existing customers and also potential exports to GCC countries.

At the third stage, we would like to tap the potential Tourism business by setting-up Resorts.